• Fr MichaelWelcome to The Annunciation, Brighton

    This week's message (15th October 2017)

    IIn the parables of Jesus, wedding feasts are mentioned from time to time.  The original parable may have ended with the words invite everyone you can find to the wedding.  The detail of the troop—highly unlikely as an actual part of the wedding invitation (!) - realistically portrays the later destruction of Jerusalem, which Christians looked  upon as punishment precisely for that rejection.  The end is difficult for us today on a spiritual level.  However, it is meant to provoke conversation in a possibly complacent Church.

    Our Parish  Family Prayer

    Loving Father send your Spirit on us afresh that we may know your will. Enkindle our hearts with your love, that together we may always reflect your glory, in Christ, our living and eternal Lord. Amen

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