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    This week's message

    Think of a number. Answer: 3. 3 is very special – it’s the first odd prime number and the first number that forms a geometrical figure (a triangle). A lot of ideas about time hunt in 3s: past-present-future/birth-life-death/beginning-middle-end. You only need 3 primary colours (red, yellow, blue) to mix most other colours. The bible is full of 3s e.g. the devil tempted Jesus 3 times; Peter denied Him 3 times; on the 3rd day He rose again; Paul went blind for 3 days after his conversion. And then of course, most importantly, there is the HOLY TRINITY which we proclaim and worship today. Hang on a minute, though. Isn’t there a saying“2’s company, 3’s a crowd”? Ah, but that’s where the 3rd person is a disruptive and intrusive stranger. That is exactly what the Holy Spirit is not. The  Spirit is part of the Father and the Son. None of the 3 is God on His or Its own. They are only God together. Holy, Holy, Holy! Merciful and mighty, God in 3 persons, blessed Trinity.           Fr Michael

    Listen Again to the sermon for  Sunday (8th May 2016)

    Dates for your Diary 

    Saturdays and Sundays thoughout May 2016 We will be hosting Brighton Sculptors during the Festival - come and see the art and relax with a coffee or some light refreshments. 

    31st May 2016 - 10 - 11:30  Half Term Creative Play for Children.  Come and Join us for a fun session

    June 1st - 4th  The Triumphant return of the comic operetta Bouffe! by Stephen Plaice - tickets available on the door