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    I must admit I always thought Spike Milligan was rather overrated as a comedian (sorry!) but I do remember one rather ghoulish television programme in which he was walking round a graveyard. At one point, he paused to read aloud a headstone inscription in his trademark quizzical voice: “‘Not dead, just sleeping ‘??  Oh dear, I think somebody must be kidding themselves ! ” A slightly waspish comment on human wistfulness perhaps but there’s a link, believe it or not, with the early church’s efforts to deal with the question of what happened to Mary when she died. The idea was that her body was miraculously preserved in its tomb intact. Accordingly, in some parts of the church, today’s feast is still known as the “falling asleep” or “dormition” of Our Lady. In other words “Not dead, just sleeping”!  But this doesn’t really work. Because her body has never been found. Our Lady is not gently snoring in some undiscovered tomb. We have now realised where her body must be. It is in heaven. And that is the Glorious Mystery which we shall be contemplating and celebrating this morning.


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    August 24th - 10am to 11:30. Join us for a morning of craft, stories and creative play. 

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