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    At our Feast of Dedication a couple of weeks ago, I pointed out that God is everywhere. And that applies as much to the space inside a church as outside. And now a dispute has broken out in the Roman church again about whether a priest saying Mass should face East or face the people. I doubt if God is too exercised about this! I’m sure He is equally delighted when a low protestant minister presides sitting (literally) at the North end of the “table”. The argument for East facing is that the priest and the people all face the same way (towards “God”) as the priest, whose actions are hidden, offers the sacrifice on their behalf. The argument for the priest facing the people is that he does not turn his back on them and therefore involves them more intimately in what they can now see is happening on the altar –“Pray that OUR sacrifice may be acceptable….” Perhaps we should simply ask which way we believe God is facing – towards His people or with His back to them?            Fr Michael

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    30th July - Summer Sale  - We urgently need cakes, good quality bric-a-brac; food and drink tombola prizes for our Summer Sale

     August 24th - 10am to 11:30. Join us for a morning of craft, stories and creative play. 

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